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I have only the last revised chapter to finalize now (it's still in the "bare bones" stage though), but before I finalize my synopsis and new cover letter to send to publishers, I'd like to have some test readers check out "Dragons' Autumn Leaves" (tentative title) and give me their impression of it.

You won't have to read the whole thing, of course, just the first few pages (and, if you're still interested, a few chapters) and give me your impression and feedback.

If anyone is interested, send me a note. :D

Maybe it's because I'm insecure about what I've written, or maybe it's because only two or three people have actually read this thing... but I'd really like for more people to experience it before I send my baby off into the cruel publishing market again. The first time I tried in February of 2013, I received only a couple of form-letter dismissals and no positive feedback rejection letters. That's not a good sign, hence why I've spent the last year-and-half re-writing. I can honestly say that this version, while the same story at heart, is a completely different novel than what I tried to send out in 2013, so maybe there's hope this time.

If not, I'll end up self-publishing and moving onto my next projects. More info on these later!

And here's another random snippet from the novel. Enjoy! :)


    The Forest was death. That was a fact that everyone on the island knew as soon as every boy and girl was old enough to understand it. Visions of demonic Mist wolves snapping their gruesome fangs at Ariha’s pink coat upset Sato’s breaths.

    He said, “We need to go back and get help. Grandma, George’s dad, the Watch… maybe those soldiers can help, they look tough…” The wind carried the strangers’ urgent voices but whisked them away again before Sato could understand.

    Suddenly the lantern’s glow faded. Sato looked up in surprise to see Laura stomping into the Forest. Sato stood up at once, his hand raised and mouth hanging open, but he couldn’t speak as Laura vanished beneath the shadowy trees.

    I gotta go after ‘em! Sato told himself, but his legs remained rooted to the spot.

    He closed his eyes and let his mind wander home. Those times when Laura snapped at him for no sound reason, or when Ariha screamed and chucked pillows because she wanted to wear something other than what Grandma ordered her to wear, maybe things would be easier if he was an only sibling. There would be less food to prepare, too, and less dishes to clean, less laundry to hang, more money to spend… 

    No more of Laura’s witty comments around the corner, or Ariha’s sparkling dresses rustling down the halls. No more Ariha squeezing his hands and begging him to join her imaginary games when he arrived home, sore about this trivial matter or that troublesome thing. No more of Laura’s miracle celery soup when Sato moaned too sick in his bed to shoulder his usual chores. No more of Grandma’s gruff chuckles or beaming smiles...

    Slowly, Sato stepped toward the Forest, his face set in a stern frown as he peered into certain doom. He knew he’d go Mad as soon as he stepped beneath those storm-blasted trees, but he rushed forward anyway, for his sisters.

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Amber Bevan
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United States
I never know what to put here. How do you sum your whole self up in such a small space? But I guess I should try.

Hi, my name is Amber.

I'm a chocoholic.

I like to write fantasy/science-fiction stories with vibrant characters, action, humor, and heart.

I enjoy drawing digitally. I'll draw just about anything, but I like animals, monsters, dragons, and anthro the best. I'm getting more comfortable with humans though.

I love animals and the outdoors. I can sit for hours just watching the chickens.

I enjoy reading, mostly fantasy novels with animals as the main characters, or epic adventure type stories.

I LOVE to play video games! I like RPGs and adventure games, but I'll play just about anything that's exciting or quirky. I've played A LOT of video games...

...basically, I'm a country nerd. :B


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